SSI TrainingTechniques

Looking for ways to keep training and improving your performances from anywhere? Needing in and out-of-water exercises that will help prepare you for future freediving trips?

This course is geared towards freedivers wanting to maintain and progress in freediving even without access to open water.


150 USD


1.5 days


12 years old

Given its extensive covering of a variety of training techniques, taking this course is a prerequisite to become an SSI Freediving Instructor, should that be on your agenda.

In one and a half days, you will learn the key points of how to train independent of an instructor (but always with a buddy!) in pool and open-water settings, as well as on land safely and effectively. The course introduces you to a variety of training exercises – static apnea tables, dynamic apnea tables, apnea walking tables – and guide you through developing your personal training plan.

What to Expect

01. Improve management of the urge to breath and relaxation

  • Become more comfortable with longer breath holds, both on dry land and in the water.
  • Increase your CO2 tolerance.
  • Harness relaxation through practice and repetition. 
  • Benefit from the opportunity to focus solely on breath-hold, without physical exertion.

02. Increase tolerance to lactic acid

  • Familiarize yourself with the sensation of lactic buildup.
  • Delay discomfort stemming from lactic buildup.

After passing the final exam you will get the SSI Training Techniques certification.

03. Achieve training goals

  • Set realistic goals and expectations.
  • Develop and tailor your training plan to specifically meet your training goals.
  • Prioritize safety to ensure a long and successful training career.
  • Build training sessions to work on specific aspects of your freediving.
  • Become a more insightful training buddy.

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