SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer Seminar

Take yourself to the top.

The FITS is open to all ambitious SSI Freediving instructors both eager to teach the next generation of instructors and who meet the requisite number of certifications. Not quite there yet? Check out our SSI Freediving Assistant Instructor Trainer Seminar! 


12 days


2400 USD


  • 21 years old
  • SSI Freediving Instructor Level 3
  • Have issued a minimum of 100 freediving certifications including at least:
    • 50 Pool Freediving or Freediving Level 1 certifications
    • 25 Freediving Level 2 certifications
    • 5 Freediving Level 3 certifications

Think back on your FITC and imagine the process of transforming yourself and your fellow candidates into competent dive professionals – this is exactly what you will be doing.

The FITS does not exist to expound upon your knowledge, but instead to focus on harnessing the expertise and experience that you already possess and direct them towards future instructors in order to guide and assess candidates both in the classroom and in open/confined water sessions. You will test your ability to identify mistakes in the instructor candidates’ teaching while also be challenged to pass presentations of your own. Additionally, you will demonstrate the perfect diving technique that you have honed throughout your time as an SSI Freediving Pro.

Book your seminar!

The FITS is organized directly by SSI Freediving Headquarters, so details regarding dates and location will be discussed per request. Such details depend on the number of candidates and their schedules, but we can help facilitate your freediving education – be it at our school or one of our SSI partners worldwide. Contact us a message if you are interested in becoming an SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer and we will help find the best option for you! 

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