The apex freediving course

SSI Freediving Level 3.

Master your equalization.

SSI Freediving Level 3 will give you the tools to further elevate your training. The highlight of the course is learning the Mouthfill equalization technique, which will help you to overcome current and future equalization barriers. Additionally, you’ll focus on depth training exercises, coaching your dive buddy, and perfecting your form. Together, we will spend a considerable amount of time in the water correcting the details and practicing until your techniques become reflexive.

By the end of Freediving Level 3, you will be able and confident to take charge of your own training. You and your dive buddies will understand how to coach one another safely and effectively, opening the doors to a new level diving potential. The techniques taught in this course will allow you to train for depth in shallow water, unveiling even more training opportunities. Prepare to challenge yourself.

360 USD (tax included)

We offer a discount of 30 USD per person if you register 3 or more people for the course

Freediving Level 2 or equivalent

18 years old

Minimum 30 logged in-water sessions

Digital Learning Material

Internationally recognized SSI Freediving certification

Equipment Rental

SSI Freediving Level 3 Schedule

After booking, you will receive an email link to either register with SSI or to affiliate to our school, if you already have an SSI account. Once registered/affiliated, we will order your online theory, which will become accessible to you through your account. We ask that you go through the theory before your course. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on Messenger or through the Contact page.

The 4-day course covers all of the SSI Level 3 material. However, as the requirements are very technical and demanding, most students benefit from additional training sessions after the course to allow more time to master the new techniques and increase the likelihood of achieving certification.

This is a typical course schedule. All of our courses vary slightly, as they are tailored specifically to account for the strengths and desires of each student.

Performance Requirements

While no two students are alike, with dedication and a nudge from our well-trained instructors, you can surpass your expectations. These are some of the requirements that must be met to achieve Level 3 certification.


Static breath-hold


CWT w/ mouthfill


Dynamic breath-hold



A final note.

At Freediving Nicaragua, we aim to provide you the best possible learning experience. To accomplish this, you can expect to use quality gear, as well as receive knowledgeable advice for investing in your own freediving gear.

We believe that our choice in partners further defines our identity and imprint as a company. It’s for this reason that you will find Freediving Nicaragua’s focus to rest with brands who aim to create quality freediving gear with an emphasis on positive environmental impact. Explore our partner brands below.

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This is one of our favorite purchase! Whether you are a beginner struggling to understand equalization, or a very experienced freediver who wants to optimize every bit of air used during your deep dives, this high-tech tool can help you. Find more information about it below.

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