Our partners.

At Freediving Nicaragua, we are aware that who we pick as partners has a huge impact on who we are as a company. This is why we decided to focus on brands delivering high end products, but brands who make environment a priority.


Been wondering where our awesome weight belts come from? We’ll spill.

This brand, coming straight from New Zealand, originally targeted spearfishing. But when we saw the quality of silicone used, we had to give them a try.

They are super flexible yet sturdy and have extremely vibrant colors (sorry boring black weight belts). Plus the company donates $5 of every limited edition belt sold to wildlife conservation initiatives, thus helping our oceans worldwide.

If you’re as stoked on KIWA as we are, use the code FREEDIVINGNICARAGUA to get $10 off of any belt – Check them out!

Elios Sub

Our wetsuit supplier: Elios has been producing top notch scuba and freediving wetsuits since 1977.

Throughout the years, they’ve invested a lot of research into discovering the best materials for all diving conditions (low-compression neoprenes, titanium inner coatings, etc…) and focus their cutting techniques to reduce waste to the fullest possible extent.

We realize that nothing is more disturbing to your dives than an ill-fitted wetsuit. Pair Elios quality with their extremely fairly pricing and you can say goodbye to that problem. Your tailor-made, fully customized freediving wetsuit will serve you for many dives while matching the price point of a standard size “mainstream” brand wetsuit. So if you’re in the market for a new wetsuit,  check out Elios Sub.

And if you’re coming to our school, we will be happy to help you with measurements and choosing your perfect suit!

Octopus Freediving

Trusted by the best freedivers worldwide, Octopus has been making freediving accessories and equipment since 2013 with the aim to bring you premium and innovative freediving products. 

Created by Swiss designer and freediver Pascal Berger, all Octopus products are made using high-grade materials, guaranteeing Swiss quality you can trust! With the freediving community growing exponentially every year, it is crucial to provide reliable equipment for all freedivers out there, from recreational snorkelers to spearfishers to the world’s top champions. 

Made by freedivers for freedivers, Octopus keeps up with research and training advances, while listening to the changing needs of the freediving community. We are proud to trust a brand who keeps safety as the top priority. 

Octopus Freediving Equipment

Sealteam Freediving

Long-lasting, quality equipment. Did you know that you can’t mark stretched rope at temperatures below -10ºC? We didn’t either. 

Aside from providing fun facts that could only come from marking ropes in a Russian winter, Sealteam Freediving is our go-to rope supplier. All of their ropes come pre-stretched, pre-marked, and with a stopper at the bottom. They offer additional accessories such as bottom plates and pulleys, as well a wide range of other freediving essentials. 

Contact Sealteam Freediving for 10% off EUR prices using the code freedivingnicaragua.