Our Professional Courses

SSI Professional Freediving Courses reputedly train the industry’s finest educators. The SSI Freediving team is dedicated to adapting and enhancing the curriculum as research and knowledge of the sport evolves.

Basic Freediving Instructor

2 days | 150 USD

Are you an SSI scuba instructor who wants to be able to introduce customers to freediving? You’ve come to the right place.

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Freediving Instructor Level 1 and 2

10-12 days | 1200 USD

Ready to turn your passion into a career? This course is accessible to you if you have a minimum certification of SSI Freediving Level 2 (or equivalent with another agency).

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Freediving Instructor Level 3

4 days | 400 USD + Kit

You are already a freediving instructor and able to dive past 50m? Take our Freediving Instructor Level 3 course, it will take your teaching skills and qualifications to a whole new depth!

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Diver Pro Crossover

3-4 days | 100 USD

Calling all non-SSI Freediving instructors! If you’re interested in joining the world’s top freediving certification agency, we’re here to help.

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Our seminars

Freediving Assistant Instructor Trainer

10 days | 1600 USD

You needn’t wait any longer to start teaching professional level courses. The newly created Assistant Instructor Trainer rating allows you to teach the next generation of Level 1 instructors, while you continue to train to reach Trainer level qualifications!

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Freediving Instructor Trainer

10 days | 3000 USD

The Freediving Instructor Trainer Seminar is the ultimate freediving course. This is an intensive, high-level, and (quite honestly) exhausting course for those instructors interested advancing the freediving industry.

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