SSI Freediving Instructor Training Course.

Do you want to take your freediving education even further and learn how to teach others in a safe and structured way? Are you looking to change your life and work year-long in some of the world’s most beautiful places? Regardless of your motivation, the SSI Freediving Instructor Training Course (FITC) is the way to get there.

Learn how to pass your knowledge upon others.


18 years old
SSI Training Tables
100 logged training sessions

Instructor Level 1

Certified SSI Level 2 or equivalent

Instructor Level 2

Certified SSI Level 3 or equivalent


1200 USD


10-12 days


SSI Instructor Digital Manual
SSI Professional certification fees
SSI Professional annual fee - first year
SSI React Right Course

This is not a course aimed at teaching you how to dive. If that’s what you are looking for, check out our Master Program. SSI FITC teaches already competent freedivers the most effective ways to instruct others and pass freediving knowledge on to new divers. During the course, you will learn to individualize your students and their motivation in order to approach everyone with the teaching style that will work best for them.

As one of SSI’s youngest Instructor Trainers, our founder and Instructor Trainer – Thomas Dédès – brings with him a depth of experience, having certified nearly 40 freediving professionals in several countries. Preceded by a reputation – tough, but fair – you can rest assured that Thomas will hold your education to the highest standard. You will learn how to present each topic accurately, interestingly, and memorably, to best ensure your students’ success and enjoyment in the process. You will focus on safety in the water, while guiding your students to develop their skills comfortably and efficiently. You will train your eye to identify and correct students’ mistakes as they happen, so as to avoid building bad habits and to gain the most progress from their time in the water.

SSI is the current leading international agency certifying freedivers of all levels – absolute beginner to instructor trainer. With over 2500 dive centers all over the world and 35 regional service centers, be confident that your certification is globally recognized.

Once certified, you will have the opportunity to assist in courses to gain further experience and benefit from exposure to other instructors' teaching styles.

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