Apoyo Crater Challenge - Summer 2024

18 athletes fighting it out through all four depth disciplines using an innovative point system which allows fair ranking of male and female competitors together in one single category.
Overall winner will take home over $3000!
August 5th-9th. Unlimited depth. 0 current guaranteed. WR status.

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Best freshwater conditions on the planet

  • 150m maximum depth
  • 28 degrees celsius at the bottom
  • No waves
  • No current
  • No marine life
  • Easy access to the dive line via electric boat transfer

Unique mixed-gender ranking system

We have engineered an innovative new ranking system allowing both female and male athletes to compete to win the overall title!

For each dive, athletes will score an amount of points equal to the percentage that this dive represents of the WR in this discipline (for the relevant gender). Only the athletes deepest dive per discipline will be added to the final total score.

This system will not only allow both genders to be ranked against each other in a fair way, but also will allow the final scores to be compared among different competitions.

The schedule

  • August 4th -> Competition Briefing at 3pm
  • August 5th -> Day 1 – Diving 7am to 1.30pm
  • August 6th -> Day 2 – Diving 7am to 1.30pm
  • August 7th -> Day Off
  • August 8th -> Day 3 – Diving 7am to 1.30pm
  • August 9th -> Day 4 – Diving 7am to 1.30pm – Awards ceremony & Afterparty

The rules

Each competition day, athletes will be free to choose in which discipline to compete (FIM / CWT / CWT-B / CNF).
Only the highest scoring dive in each discipline will be included in the overall ranking count.

The competition meeting

This is an event meeting where all competing athletes must be present. It will take place on August 4th at 3pm at Freediving Nicaragua. What you need to bring:

  • Passport or national ID card.
  • Lanyard including belt for CNF for checking by the judges.
  • A medical statement, signed by a physician, that says you’re “fit for Freediving” and is not older than one  year.
    If you have experienced blackout or barotrauma since you got the statement you will need a new one.
  • We will take depth announcements for the first diving day.

After completing the registration of all athletes we will give a review of the competition rules and we will also publish the start list for day one. The meeting will finish at around 5.30pm with a group picture.

Cancellation Policy

After registering online you will receive an invitation to pay the competition fee or package fee to reserve your slot. If we do not receive payment within a week, your registration will expire and we give priority to the next athlete on the waiting list.
Registrations are non cancellable but can be transferred.

Don't like headaches? Book the all-inclusive package!

Price: $1400 in private room

We want athletes to be able to relax and focus completely on their training and performances so we put together a competition package. This takes care of absolutely everything from your arrival to Nicaragua until your departure. Just book your package, sit back and relax!

(Training packages available upon request)

Competition fees (800$)

Obviously, we couldn't leave these out!

This will be an official AIDA competition, meeting all AIDA competition and safety standards.


A taxi will collect you from Managua International Airport and bring you directly to your accommodation in Laguna de Apoyo (45min drive).
Upon departure, a taxi will bring you back to the airport in time for your departure flight.


Freediving Nicaragua has reserved two large properties to comfortably accommodate competition participants (and partners/coaches, if coming with together) in a semi-communal living experience. These properties were chosen to balance privacy and social potential for divers, while offering solitude and accessibility, and the necessary amenities to make everyone feel at home - access to a kitchen, private rooms, and great spaces to unwind and relax after diving, all located in a gorgeous setting. Transportation back and forth between the accommodations and the freediving school are included as well.

Post-dive brunch

Snacks and lunch will be provided at the freediving school as well as a complimentary coffee each day. Vegetarian and vegan options available. Alcohol not included.

Photo Package

Diving in a freshwater lake in the middle of a volcano sounds dreamy, right? Well we've included professional photographs taken by our official event photographer. The package will include photos taken both in and out of the water so that you have a nice keepsake but also potentially keep your sponsors happy, or even get new ones!

Afterparty Ticket

No competition would be complete without its afterparty. Luckily for us, the static National Record holder in Nicaragua also happens to be a internationally renowned DJ, who will make sure to keep everyone dancing for the whole evening in celebration of the athletes and the end of the competition.

I want in!

Package Accommodation options

Peaceful place to focus on the competition

Villa Laguna is an unique space located right at the shore of the Laguna de Apoyo crater lagoon, in the most secluded area of the Laguna de Apoyo Natural Reserve. It offers 7 rooms with private bathrooms, four of them facing the Laguna de Apoyo for the most extraordinary sunrises.
The kitchen is integrated with the living + dining room, creating a homely feeling and giving everybody the opportunity to be together. There is cable TV, a library with books and playing cards, hammock chairs and a guest bathroom in this area as well.
You also have an outdoor rancho overlooking the Laguna de Apoyo that offers a grill, a brick oven, plenty of sitting space and big hammocks to nap with the sound of birds, monkeys and the waves of the Lagoon.
The crown jewel is the multipurpose waterfront deck which is fully equipped for yoga practice and overlooks the Laguna for the most amazing sunrises.

The characteristics

  • Private room with private bathroom
  • Hot water (a true luxury in Nicaragua!)
  • Access to a fully equipped kitchen
  • Service of a chef from 11am to 7pm for those who prefer to eat in for lunch and/or dinner
  • Transportation to/from freediving school included, whenever you want it

Beautiful lakefront property

Quinta Aguas de Apoyo is a large, two-story house with a full kitchen on each level. It is located on a quiet dirt road in the Laguna de Apoyo. With 7 rooms total, the house has 2 rooms with private bathrooms, and 5 rooms that share an additional 2 bathrooms. The use of air conditioning is included for all of the rooms.

With direct access to the lake and a large outdoor space, there are plenty of places to find a secluded spot or hang out as a larger group. Inside, there is a big living area with a TV. Outside, you’ll find a well-maintained pool overlooking the Laguna and a BBQ area. Closer to the lake, there are more spaces to relax or do yoga.

The characteristics

  • Private bedroom (2 with private bathroom, 5 sharing 2 bathrooms, on a first-come first-serve basis)
  • A/C included (rare in the Laguna!)
  • Access to a fully equipped kitchen
  • Private infinity pool overlooking the laguna
  • Transportation to/from freediving school included, whenever you want it


We’re immensely grateful to our sponsors for their generous support, which has helped to make this freediving competition a reality. Their commitment to our sport truly makes a difference, and we couldn’t have done it without them. A big thank you to everyone who has helped to make this event possible!