SSI MonofinSpecialty

Lauded as the most energy efficient method of moving the body through the water, it’s a small wonder that properly employing a monofin takes freedivers to distances and depths previously unimagined. 


200 USD


SSI Freediving Level 1 or equivalent


Equipment rental
SSI Certification

Combining a hydrodynamic body position with the power created using a monofin, freedivers are able to maximize efficiency while minimizing the effort it takes to move quickly through the water. 

This remarkable efficiency to expenditure ratio allows freedivers to conserve oxygen, shorten the dive time, and glide gracefully through the water. If it’s good enough for a whale, who are we to argue? 

During this 2 day course, you will learn and practice stretches that, when practiced over time, will build the natural flexibility needed to achieve the perfect body positioning. Additionally, you will target the muscles and fine movements required to optimize your monofin. The course consists of 2 confined and 2 open water sessions, with plenty of opportunity for stretching.

Why try Monofin Freediving?

  • Monofin Freediving, especially for deep freediving, is considered the most efficient form of freediving.
  • Freediving with a monofin emphasizes perfect streamlining, gliding, and efficiency of movement.
  • With a monofin, your small movements propel you forward with more force than bi-fins.
  • Most freedivers do not have regular access to open water, so they have to focus on pool disciplines, which are a great way to improve technique and train for deep freediving.

What you will learn and practice

  • Perfect buoyancy and weight distribution for Monofin
  • Proper finning technique
  • Streamlining and body positioning
  • Stretching exercises
  • Safety concerns
  • Video analysis

By the end of the course, you you will have the fundamental knowledge and techniques for freediving using the monofin, and how to train with it safely and effectively.

After passing the exam you will receive the SSI Monofin certification.
Note that it is possible to take only the pool part of that course (which is the first day). In that case the price of the course is USD 125 and students can be certified as Pool Monofin freediver.

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