SSI Basic Freediving Instructor Course.

Created specifically for SSI Scuba Assistant Instructors and above, this course will teach you all you know to be able to teach the SSI Basic Freediving course. This is a low investment, high return course, considering that you would only need a couple of customers to make this investment profitable.

The SSI Basic Freediving Course that you will be able to teach is a very good introductory course, usually spanning over a day, which proves being very attractive to scuba customers that want to be introduced to freediving without having to commit too much time or money to it.


150 USD


18 years old
SSI Scuba Assistant Instructor or above (No equivalence permitted)


2 days

Put yourself in the shoes of yourfuture students.

The SSI Basic Freediving Instructor Course will go through the freediving theory you will have to teach to your future students, we will practice all the skills in the water, and go through some scenarios to help you anticipate what common mistakes happen with beginner freedivers and how to correct them.

We strongly recommend you to take the SSI Freediving Level 1 course before attending this one, to ensure your own freediving is good enough to be an SSI Basic Freediving Instructor. We noticed that this was making a big difference in the success of new Basic Instructors, and we will be happy to give you a package deal to help you achieve this.

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