The EQ Tool Plus, by UBA project.

The Uba Project Equalisation Tool is an ingenious device that not only measures how much pressure you are using to equalise your ears, but what technique you are using. Using their associated app, you can see how effective your equalisation is, and if you are performing it correctly. From the Frenzel equalisation technique, to the mouthfill, constant pressure equalisation, reverse packing and more, discover where you’re going right and where there’s room for improvement. And due to the nature of the Uba Project Equalisation Tool you can practice any time you’re away from the water.

The Uba Project Equalisation Tool is a very sensitive pressure measuring device that monitors very precisely the flow of air from one of your nostrils to determine what is going on inside your head (literally) when you equalise or perform equalisation and lung exercises.

When we teach freediving, it is easy to see if a student is wearing too much or too little weight. It is clear to see if they are not finning correctly or buddying safely. However it is impossible to see inside someone’s head, both literally and figuratively.

The biggest difficulty a freediving instructor has when teaching is determining if a student is equalising enough to prevent a problem, and also if they are performing a specific equalisation technique correctly. Often a student will be able to equalise one ear easily and so presumes that both have equalised. However they will get to a depth where ‘suddenly’ they experience pain.

In addition, when learning equalisation techniques such as the Frenzel out of the water, it is one thing to see if there is movement underneath the jaw, and hear little bits of air puffing out from half pinched nostrils, however it is impossible to know if the pressure the person is exerting is enough to actually equalise the ears in the water whilst upside down.

The Uba Project Equalisation Tool takes away all the guesswork by showing on the screen of your mobile phone EXACTLY what is going on when you equalise, mouthfill, reverse pack, refill and so on.

For experienced freedivers, we also use this tool to refine the technique and work on optimising all the efforts put into equalization. If your ears equalize with a given pressure, what is the point in putting more pressure? You will only waste energy and oxygen. But it is extremely complicated to work on this over and over during dives that are always slightly different, and without a visual feedback. The solutions lies in isolating the problem, and work solely on this. This is possible by working on your equalization outside the water, using the EQ Tool, watching the instant feedback appear on your mobile screen, and associating what your muscles are doing and what your feelings are, with the visual confirmation of the app.