Where to start?

Try Freediving

Half day | 80 USD

Excited to get into the water? ‘Try Freediving’ is your first glimpse into the world of freediving. You’ll learn essential freediving skills and gain a new perspective of yourself as an aquatic mammal – without the commitment of a full length course.

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SSI Freediving Level 1

2 days | 250 USD

Your first freediving certification! You will learn the fundamentals of freediving – such as breathing and equalization techniques, how your body reacts to the underwater world, etc – and have the opportunity to dive up to 20 meters.

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Combo Level 1 & 2

7-8 days | 550 USD

Build the strongest freediving foundation with our Level 1&2 combo week package. This joint program will transform a complete beginner into an intermediate freediver on a compact timeline, at an affordable cost.

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Zero To Hero

3 months | 2750 USD

Sometimes a decision just feels right. We’ve all been there – you decide you want to go pro when you’ve only just dipped your toes in the water. In the diving industry, this is called ‘Zero-to-Hero’. Now, we’re not saying that you’re a Zero, but we can certainly get you to Freediving Instructor with our comprehensive novice to instructor program.

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Master Program

4 weeks | 950 USD

It’s too easy to get side-tracked, competitive, and just feel stuck. Our master program offers freedivers a chance to take a step back and focus 100% on their personal freediving journeys. We’re just here to provide knowledge and guide you on your way to finding your own progress.

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