5 Freediving Locations to Tick Off Your Bucket List in 2022

Jan, Sun 16th 2022

5 Freediving Locations to Tick Off Your Bucket List in 2022

Forget New Year’s resolutions that will, most likely, end up being forgotten. Plan a trip to go freediving instead. With amazing places like these, you won’t want to miss it.

From Europe to Central America, these are some of the best freediving locations to explore this year.

1. Museum of Underwater Sculpture Ayia Napa - Cyprus

MUSAN, for short, was designed by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor and opened recently in 2021. The underwater forest was designed by Taylor with the intention of being ecologically friendly while offering thought provoking art.

The statues are made from pH negative materials to avoid unwanted impacts on the environment. This also means that, over time, biomass and other life forms will be able to grow on and around the statues.

Located just 200 meters off the coast of Ayia Napa, the museum is accessible to snorkelers, freedivers, and scuba divers alike. Most of the statues rest approximately 10-15 meters below the surface. Snorkelers can observe from above, while freedivers are able to approach the statues for an up close and personal experience.

2. Laguna de Apoyo - Nicaragua

Laguna de Apoyo is the lowest point in Central America – no wonder it’s good for freediving. The center of the lake offers up to 200 meters of depth, with up to 60 meters accessible by a short swim from the shoreline.

During the rainy season (June – November), water conditions are glassy and close to immaculate. No waves and no current also make this the perfect place for depth training. The water temperature hovers around 28C all year, and visibility is up to 15 meters. When not diving, the relaxing atmosphere around the local hotels and restaurants makes you feel a million miles away from busy city life. So, have you booked your ticket yet?

3. Camotes Islands - Philippines

Located 63km east of Cebu City, the Camotes are still considered a hidden gem. The ferry ride takes roughly one hour, which is short enough to be convenient but long enough to keep the crowds away. This means you will essentially have the place to yourself!

With shipwrecks, caves, and coral reefs to explore, you’ll be wishing you could hold your breath for longer. On top of that, depth for training is unlimited, so you have the best of both worlds combined. Our friends at Camotes Freediving are making the most of this dreamy location, so be sure to drop by for the best tips and advice for freediving in the area.

4. Deep Dive Dubai - United Arab Emirates

This dive location will be sure to knock your fins off with a combination of depth and epic style. Deep Dive Dubai is officially the world’s deepest indoor pool at 60 meters. But it’s not just 60 meters up and down with plain walls. It’s far from that.

Beneath the surface, the pool is transformed into a sunken city complete with different rooms and levels to explore. Find everything from a pool table and library to cars and trees that climb up the walls. You’ll never want to come back to the surface after diving here!

5. The Cenotes - Mexico

How is it possible to not mention the cenotes when listing beautiful places to dive? With various depth and stellar photography opportunities, the Cenotes are a great place for fun diving, photoshoots, and training alike.

Situated around the tourist hotspots of Tulum and Playa del Carmen, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of freediving schools available. Luckily, our friends at Amancay Freediving have years of experience and will ensure your trip to the Cenotes is an unforgettable one.

Nicaragua’s Top Spearfishing Spots

Jan, Sun 16th 2022

Nicaragua’s Top Spearfishing Spots

Experience spearfishing Nicaragua at some of the best spots in the country.

Nicaragua has been deemed “Costa Rica 10 years ago,” and that goes for spearfishing, too.

There are bountiful places along Nicaragua’s Pacific coast for spearfishing, when you know where to look. Here are some of our top spots.

San Juan Del Sur

Besides being known for its famous Sunday Funday and surfing, San Juan also boasts great spearfishing. Being one of the more tourist-oriented towns in Nicaragua, finding a company to take you spearfishing is pretty easy.

Head down to the main road and there are plenty of companies to take you out spearfishing.

Although it’s convenient to have areas for both spearfishing and surfing in close proximity, large surf generally goes hand-in-hand with significant water movement. Before you head out with your freediving buddy, be sure to check in with the local dive shop or someone who is familiar with these conditions.

Being caught in a current, changing tide, or rough water can put both you and your buddy at risk. The more you know about where you’re freediving, the safer you will be.


Just a few hours north of San Juan del Sur is Popoyo, another epic surf location and spearfishing spot. If the waves aren’t good, see if you can head out for some spearfishing to catch your dinner. Most areas are accessible by boat, or are just a short swim from the shore.

El Transito

Less known is El Transito, on the Pacific Coast about an hour and a half from Managua. Just past the break, there is a reef where many people go spearfishing. The visibility is not fantastic, but it is an easy swim from the shore.

Can also check out Free Spirit Hostel for yoga, great food, and surf lessons.

(Not) Little Corn Island

Despite seeing various videos and articles scattered across the internet, it is actually illegal to spearfish on Little Corn Island. As a general reminder, please respect local law and do not go spearfishing.

Laguna de Apoyo

Okay, so there really isn’t much to catch here except for a few stray Tilapia. But, if you want to learn how to extend your breath hold, work on your diving skills, or enhance technique, this is your place. Centrally located from Managua, Popoyo, or San Juan del Sur, Freediving Nicaragua offers a variety of courses or training sessions designed to help you step up your spearfishing game.

Freediving Laguna de Apoyo

Jan, Sun 16th 2022

Freediving Laguna De Apoyo

Laguna de Apoyo is Nicaragua’s hidden gem for freediving. Discover unparalleled depth, weather, and diving conditions.

So you want depth like Dean’s Blue Hole and the natural beauty of the Cenotes, without the crowds? Look no further than Laguna de Apoyo. 

Nestled on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast, just outside of Granada, Laguna de Apoyo is a natural haven with some of the best conditions for freediving in Nicaragua..

History and About

Despite being named “Laguna” de Apoyo, this lake is actually located in the center of a dormant volcano. The crater formed approximately 23,000 years ago from a strong volcanic explosion. Water slowly filled the crater over thousands of years to create the Laguna, while vegetation simultaneously began to return.

Now, the deepest part of the freshwater Laguna, or ‘dulce agua’ in Spanish, measures roughly 200 meters. This also makes it the lowest point in Central America, and one of the best places for freediving in Nicaragua. 

There is a chain of volcanoes that runs from north to south along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, but Laguna de Apoyo one is arguably the most well preserved. In 1991, it was declared a natural reserve – Reserva Natural Laguna de Apoyo. 

Despite this announcement, management of this natural area could still be improved. Over time, parts of forest have been lost to new buildings and property, and there is no clear cut plan for management. The relatively low rate of visitors per year, roughly 30-60 thousand, helps keep this area preserved. 

There are also various times when you can observe the local women doing their laundry at the edge of the water. They often use a flat stone and soap to clean their clothes by hand, a tradition and practice that spans many generations. Unfortunately, this also causes chemicals to enter the water. Luckily, the population here is very small and there have not been notable long-term effects on the surrounding habitat.

Here it is, Laguna de Apoyo. We told you it was a beauty.

Water Temperature and Visibility

Despite this, Laguna de Apoyo is still considered one of the cleanest water sources in Nicaragua. On most days, water visibility can range anywhere from 5 to 15 meters. During the rainy season, when there is less wind, the visibility tends to remain closer to 15 meters. 

Water temperatures in the Laguna hover around a balmy 27-28 degrees Celsius year-round. This temperature stays the same throughout the entire body of water; there are no thermoclines at depth. As defined by Oxford Dictionary, a thermocline is “a steep temperature gradient in a body of water such as a lake, marked by a layer above and below which the water is at different temperatures.” In simple terms, it is where cold water meets warm water and there is a stark temperature change. 

Without any thermoclines to worry about, freedivers can relax and focus on enjoying their dives. It’s easy to dive with or without a wetsuit, depending on personal preference. Some people are very comfortable in water that is 28 degrees Celsius, while others still prefer a wetsuit. 

One of the negatives about not wearing a wetsuit in Laguna de Apoyo is buoyancy. Since the Laguna is fresh water, freedivers are much less buoyant than they might expect to be in the ocean. As a result, wearing a wetsuit can help freedivers feel more relaxed while breathing up on the surface and can assist with ascent at the end of a dive. The choice again comes down mostly to personal preference.


When going for a dive with Freediving Nicaragua, we don’t even require a boat. A short 100 meter swim from shore can give us up to 60 meters of depth. The edges of the Laguna are 2-3 meters deep but very quickly drop off due to the conic shape of the crater. Towards the center of the lake, there is up to roughly 200 meters of depth. 

At depth, there is not much to see in terms of wildlife. You will see the occasional school of fish dart by, and a few birds on the coast line.


During the rainy season, the Laguna takes on a glassy appearance with hardly any waves. It is an absolute haven for static, dynamic, and depth disciplines. There are no undercurrents in the Laguna, so there are no worries about drifting or expending extra energy while practicing depth. 

The wind tends to pick up during the dry season, causing some small waves, but not notable when compared to conditions that can arise while diving in the ocean. Even if the wind is blowing on the surface, there is still no current underwater, and the temperature remains mostly the same.

Thinking about visiting?

Join us for a dive! As you can see, the conditions are ideal. We are the only freediving school in Laguna de Apoyo, and are excited to show you why we love it here so much. We offer SSI freediving courses, from beginner all the way up to instructor. 

If you just want a taster, we have a half day “Try Freediving” course that is perfect for getting your feet wet. 

Feel free to leave a comment, or get in touch via social media.