Jan, Sun 16th 2022

Nicaragua’s Top Spearfishing Spots

Experience spearfishing Nicaragua at some of the best spots in the country.

Nicaragua has been deemed “Costa Rica 10 years ago,” and that goes for spearfishing, too.

There are bountiful places along Nicaragua’s Pacific coast for spearfishing, when you know where to look. Here are some of our top spots.

San Juan Del Sur

Besides being known for its famous Sunday Funday and surfing, San Juan also boasts great spearfishing. Being one of the more tourist-oriented towns in Nicaragua, finding a company to take you spearfishing is pretty easy.

Head down to the main road and there are plenty of companies to take you out spearfishing.

Although it’s convenient to have areas for both spearfishing and surfing in close proximity, large surf generally goes hand-in-hand with significant water movement. Before you head out with your freediving buddy, be sure to check in with the local dive shop or someone who is familiar with these conditions.

Being caught in a current, changing tide, or rough water can put both you and your buddy at risk. The more you know about where you’re freediving, the safer you will be.


Just a few hours north of San Juan del Sur is Popoyo, another epic surf location and spearfishing spot. If the waves aren’t good, see if you can head out for some spearfishing to catch your dinner. Most areas are accessible by boat, or are just a short swim from the shore.

El Transito

Less known is El Transito, on the Pacific Coast about an hour and a half from Managua. Just past the break, there is a reef where many people go spearfishing. The visibility is not fantastic, but it is an easy swim from the shore.

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(Not) Little Corn Island

Despite seeing various videos and articles scattered across the internet, it is actually illegal to spearfish on Little Corn Island. As a general reminder, please respect local law and do not go spearfishing.

Laguna de Apoyo

Okay, so there really isn’t much to catch here except for a few stray Tilapia. But, if you want to learn how to extend your breath hold, work on your diving skills, or enhance technique, this is your place. Centrally located from Managua, Popoyo, or San Juan del Sur, Freediving Nicaragua offers a variety of courses or training sessions designed to help you step up your spearfishing game.