Ascent Dry Fin Bag freediving bag. It allows freedivers and spearfishermen to carry all their diving equipment in a convenient but compact bag. This all-in-one tool bag fits very long fins, a wetsuit, a mask and even a speargun plus everything you need for a day on the water in a bag easy to carry even on a scooter.

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With two separate compartments for gear, the Ascent Dry Fin bag can hold everything. The wetsuit compartment will keep everything else from getting wet when you’re done with your dive, and the fin pocket can accommodate up to two pairs of long fins. The fabric on the bottom of the bag also allows water to drain from the inside, helping your fins dry faster.

Fully loaded, with ergonomic and adjustable shoulder straps, carrying your gear is a breeze. The outer sides of the bag also have a latch for carrying your favorite spearfishing gun and a bottle cage on the other side. The top of the bag also has a small waterproof key pocket for easy access to car keys and other small items. For preventing rust, the Dry Fin Bag uses a plastic zipper slider.

Get ready for all kinds spearfishing adventures with a bag capable of holding everything you need for a fun day of underwater hunting. The Mares Ascent Dry Fin Bag offers you everything packed in a stylishly designed tool bag.

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