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Cetma Composites is glad to present the new Polymer Lotus fin blades.


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Cetma Composites produces a range of high efficiency, fully scientifically engineered carbon and composite freediving and spearfishing blades.
Cetma Composites is glad to present the new Lotus Polymer fin blades.

The Polymer Lotus, that 3 years after its birth boasts numerous attempts at imitation, was designed for freediving, spearfishing and pool training.
It is important to highlight the stiffness of the blade was studied to permit the same finning technique used for the best carbon blades: in this way it is no more necessary to change the finning technique switching from the carbon to the polymer blades than vice-versa.

The stiffness of the lotus blades is intermediate and suitable for any body characteristics and finning technique. Moreover the revolution of the micro-composite polymer material together with the stiffness distribution guarantees a high efficiency.

It is characterized by 30° bending angle that together with the stiffness distribution provide high comfort for in-door and out-door use.
The lotus blades can be assembled with Cetma S-WING foot-pockets by screws, so the customer can use the same foot-pockets when decides to switch to carbon blades.

The Lotus polymer fins were designed, engineered and are produced in Italy.

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